Reserve your 1:1 photography mentoring session with Lola Melani - an ultimate learning experience.



Join Lola for a 1:1 learning experience. This exclusive photography mentoring session is completely tailored to your specific interests. Lola will guide you step-by-step through everything you want to learn - session workflow, creating the right environment, Lola’s lighting style, posing flow, styling, camera angles, her well known editing, anything relating to marketing and pricing for your business as well as portfolio review. 


You will have a Skype consultation with Lola to determine the material needed during the mentoring session and choose the topics that interest you most.


You decide what you want to focus on during your session. Below are some of the suggestions for the topics that can be covered:

  • A step-by-step breakdown of a typical session and how to achieve a full gallery of images within an hour

  • Creating a luxurious experience from start to finish

  • Posing workflow for fine-art nude portraits

  • Using and manipulating daylight/strobe/constant lighting to create stunning artistic images

  • A variety of studio set ups from simple to more complex, Lola’s go-to set ups

  • In-depth editing workflow and post production process

  • Tips and tricks of gorgeous light

  • Creating conceptual portraits with flowers/fabrics/accessories

  • Portfolio / website review

  • Products and Pricing

  • SEO and website

  • Marketing and Social Media

  • In-Person Sales

  • Getting started - how to start and set up a small studio

  • Posing couples

  • Personal shopping for fabrics/accessories and studio equipment

  • Outsourcing - working with a retoucher

  • Finding your inspiration and developing your own unique style

  • Achieving your goals and pursuing your career dreams


1:1 Mentoring Sessions with Lola





A full 8 hour day, completely customized to your needs

Includes everything from lighting, styling, editing to business, marketing, pricing and portfolio review

Hands on shooting with one model or several models

A complimentary 60 min Skype couching call after the session to help with any questions you might have, image critique or just to chat

2:1 session is available for $5,000 if you would like to share the session with a fellow photographer and split the cost



DSLR camera

Participants must be comfortable using their camera in manual mode

Your favorite lens -  50mm, 24-70mm, or 85mm

Memory cards, camera charger

Notepad and pen

Laptop/retouching pad 




A $1000 Deposit is required to enroll, the remaining balance is paid 3 weeks before the session. Payment plans available. Deposit is Non-refundable.