The Beauty of B&W portraits (NYC, NY maternity photographer, NY newborn photography)

Powerful b&w portraits of pregnancy, beauty of shape, maternity photography 

There is something so timeless, so striking and powerful about a colorless photo. Being inspired by the b&w masterpieces of Irving Penn and Patrick Demarchelier, I absolutely LOVE b&w photography. Of course not every shot will work in b&w. However b&w is almost always my choice for artistic implied nudes and dramatic silhouettes, fine-art close ups and documentary family portraits. Shooting with a monochrome approach might be challenging since I am unable to use color to lead the viewer’s eye around the image. Instead, I need to create a portrait relying on the composition, lighting, textures, perspective and contrast. 

Even though I shoot digital, I love my photographs to have a feel of a vintage 35mm film. Luckily, this gorgeous, high-contrast filmic black and white affect can be achieved with the help of the photo editing software (Adobe Lightroom) and a number of my favorite plug ins such as Alien Skin. There is nothing more exciting and empowering for me than to see the beautiful b&w print coming out of the printer. I always think about the moment my client will see, touch and feel the beautiful final product, and am always full of gratitude for the opportunity to capture the beauty in a very timeless and elegant way.